Acro-Dance Intermediate 8-11yrs

Acrobatic training teaches flexibility, balance, strength, discipline, and concentration. A dancer will gain more flexibility and strength to achieve skills thru safe and progressive training. Dancers will learn through games, drills, and techniques to develop their skills. Acrobatic movements can include handstands somersaults, headstands, and cartwheels, bridge, walkovers and more! The goal is to place Acro skills into a dance routine, therefore blending artistry with athleticism.

This is not a beginner/open level class, and is geared toward dancers with prior dance AND acro experience.

Please email if unsure about the level.
For this level dancers need to be able to:

~go from standing down to a bridge on their own or with a spot and then hold bridge for at least 10 sec with heels down.

~do a forward roll(no heading touching mat)

~handstand with good form, even if not able to hold

~proficient cartwheel on one side

~hold plank for 30 secs.

We will work safely from this base of skills.

It is strongly recommended that students are enrolled in one other class to support dance technique/development and coordination at this level. Ballet, HipHop, or  DanceFusion are excellent 2nd class options.
DanceFusion is an Acrobatic Arts Certified Studio.

Term runs Sept 11th-Dec. 8th 2023

Price: $238+ GST

May 4 @ 15:45
3:45 pm — 4:45 pm (1h)

Dance Fusion Studio

Slava Doval

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