Following guidance from the Provincial Health Office we have implemented measures that will work to minimize the likelihood of disease transmission. Nonetheless, the risk of infection is not zero and each dancer/family must assess the risk-benefit of attending.

 Our safety plan is consistently changing with the times and will be a work in progress this term.

We will be watching the health guidelines for best practices for this fall 2022.

 Our safety plan includes: 


 DO NOT come to class if you are, or have recently experienced: a fever, runny nose, cough, sore throat, chills, atypical muscle aches, or have been required to self-isolate due to travel or having been identified as a close contact of a confirmed case of Covid-19.


 Masks mandate will follow the provincial mandate and may change. Masks are not required.


Hand Cleaning - Once inside the building please wash your hands for 20-seconds with soap according to posted guidelines or alternatively sanitize your hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer located at the counter at the back studio.


All registration AND payment will be done online advance of classes commencing. 


 Please bring your own mat for Conditioning/Acro.


Bring your own water, there will no longer be a water station.


Come already dressed for your class.


There is no credit for missed class and no refunds available.


The studio is adhering to cleaning and sanitizing protocols


• If classes need to be cancelled due to illness or other circumstances (changing health guidelines), that last more than 1 week, we will pivot to an online format for the required time.


Thank you for your patience and understanding