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Slava Doval

Slava Doval is the Artistic Director, founder and principal teacher at DanceFusion.

Slava is a passionate performer and teacher who infuses her globally minded movements with grace and presence while exploring the common thread in dances from around the world. Her style is a fusion of old-world roots and new times sensibility. Her experience with Ballet, Jazz, Urban Styles, Bollywood, Balkan, Afro-Colombian, West African, Bellydance, Flamenco, and Contemporary all inform her choreography and her unique approach to mixing styles.

Doval is an adventurous lifelong dancer who continues to study and perform dance internationally and locally. Slava and her DanceFusion troupes perform at many of the major Kootenay music festivals, as well as prepare for the annual DanceFusion showcase at the Capitol in April.

Slava also facilitates workshops for special events, private classes as well as assisting couples in preparations for their special day with unique choreography, or coaching for their first dance.


Megan Malone

Megan was raised in St. Albert, Alberta and grew up dancing at Dance Theme School of Dance in Edmonton, Alberta. She began her dance training at the age of 3 years in a pre-school program and went on to learn many different styles of dance including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop and Highland dance.  She has completed all levels of her RAD ballet syllabus and Al Gilbert Tap Exams. Megan participated in several stage performances, competitions and workshops throughout Canada and the US. Some of her favorite performances were at Disney California, Disney World in Florida, Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships and New York. Megan has been taught by some well know choreographers throughout Canada and the US.

Megan was a member of the “Star Team” at Dance Theme, which gave her the opportunity to share her passion for dance with the younger students, and she truly enjoyed the experience.

Now living in Nelson with her daughter, Elliot, and being the owner of Doggie Styles Professional Dog Grooming, Megan has once again found her passion for dance. She is very excited to be joining Slava and DanceFusion to share her love of dance with the community.

Shaenna Young

Shaenna Young has received over twelve years of formal instruction in Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Modern, and Contemporary dance styles. Building on that foundation, Shaenna has developed a passion for other dance styles, including Folk Dancing, Belly Dancing, African, and Hip-hop.

Shaenna is thrilled to be a part of the local dance community and looks forward to sharing her passion with young students. She is currently a TA at the Nelson Waldorf School, and loves being with young people of all ages.

Photo credit: Eye of the Mind Photography


Glynis Waring

Glynis has been involved in the artistic scene as a dancer since the young age of three. Previous to moving to the Kootenays to teach with Turning Pointe Dance Studio and perform with Slava Doval's DanceFusion, Glynis was in Vancouver training and performing with Lamondance Company. There, she focused on the artistry and technique needed for contemporary dance.

Glynis also managed and created a kids dance program in East Vancouver before she moved to Revelstoke BC to help create and teach a dance program with Just For Kicks Studio. Known for her infectious positive energy, Glynis is inspired by the way the body can move and the joy that comes from each shape and expression. A graduate of Grant MacEwan Theatre Arts Diploma, her artistic knowledge is vast and her credits include lead and supporting roles in various stage performances such as, “Wizard of Oz”, “On the Town”, and “Hot Mikado”. Training in multiple styles of dance as well as voice, Glynis has been featured in festivals and theatres in Alberta and British Columbia. Glynis is excited to share her knowledge and passion as a performer in the beautiful town of Nelson B.C.


Lauren Jacobsen

Lauren grew up in the Kootenays and has danced her whole life, Hip hop and Contemporary being favorites! She decided to pursue dance further and went to Winchester University in England and received her BA Honors in Choreography and Dance. After Winchester, Lauren was interested in Dance Therapy specifically with Parkinson's and trained at Roehampton University with the Parkinson's UK and Mark Morris Dance Company. She is excited to join the DanceFusion team as a performer, choreographer and instructor.


Emily Honegger

Emily Honegger is a contemporary and freestyle dance artist. After graduating from L’École de danse contemporaine (LADMMI) in 2005, Emily pursued training in urban dance styles such as Bgirling (breakdance), house and popping. Her extensive training in ballet, martial arts, contemporary dance, contact improvisation and urban forms influence and inform Emily’s movement style.

Her professional career has involved founding, choreographing and performing within the Montreal-based company FloorRider&Tonik from 2008-2016, and dancing within the company for young audiences Bouge de Là from 2010-2016, amid many other projects with companies such as Cirque Eloize, Rubberband Dance and Human Playground.

Emily has also pursued interests in dance for screen, collaborating with visual artist Gene Pendon and director Stefan Verna to create a short film entitled Drawing Blank which was funded by BravoFACT, and more recently directing and choreographing a music video for the song She Said by the future-soul musician FRASE.


Siovhan Williamson

Siovhan is a lover of handstands, tea and trees. Her interest in movement in its many forms began with training in ballet and competitive gymnastics, and has grown to include circus arts, yoga and acro yoga, and climbing.

Her own movement practise has helped her to explore boundaries, create and communicate with others physically and emotionally. She holds an NCCP Level 2 Artistic Gymnastics Coaching certification, and completed her teacher training with AcroYoga Montreal in July 2014. Previously, she worked as an acrobat for The Underground Circus, and a coach for Vancouver Phoenix Gymnastics. She has had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people, and is continually intrigued and inspired by the processes of teaching, learning and creating. She believes her role as a teacher is as a guide to exploration, and that a lovely rule of thumb is ‘process over outcome’.

Jaimie MacGibbon

Jaimie has always loved movement and performance. She began her dance training at the age of 5 in Kelowna, BC at the Canadian School of Ballet. While she trained in many different styles, ballet remained her focus throughout her training.

As a pre-teen Jaimie was trained by former principal dancer of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Lissette Salgado and soloist David Lucas. During this time, she realized just how much ballet meant to her as a means of expression through movement. She loves the combination of athleticism and artistry. In grade 9, Jaimie attended the summer intensive at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and the next year, attended the summer intensive at the National Ballet School in Toronto.

Jaimie was accepted into the year-long professional program at the National Ballet School and trained there for her high school years doing both ballet and modern dance. During her time in Toronto, Jaimie had the privilege of working with some renowned, dancers, teachers and choreographers including Peggy Baker and Karen Kain. She also had the opportunity to take in many wonderful artistic productions. In her early twenties, Jaimie continued to train and teach ballet in Kelowna, BC. She has experience teaching young children to teens and she loves being able to share her love of movement, in particular, ballet. Now a mother to two boys, Jaimie is just starting to get back into her training and performing. She and her family moved to Nelson just over a year ago and she is looking forward to being a part of the dance community here.


Stelio Calagias

Stelio Calagias was born in Detroit, Michigan, where he graduated from Marygrove College with a B.F.A. in dance, and went on to train extensively on full scholarship at Canada’s National Ballet School with the legendary Erik Bruhn, among others. Stelio embarked on an impressive career that spans choreography, directing, teaching, and performance.

As a professional choreographer, teacher, singer, and dancer, Stelio’s career has taken him across North America, Canada, Europe, and Puerto Rico. He was the co-director for Les Ballet Jazz, The Dance Centre in Toronto and has performed in countless productions on stage, in movies, and in cabarets, appearing in New York City, Lincoln Center, Detroit, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Knoxville, Atlantic City, and Chicago, to name a few. He played the lead role of Mr. Mistoffelles in the original cast of the Canadian stage production of “Cats”, the hit broadway musical, including a national tour.

Stelio’s versatility has allowed him to choreograph, direct, and perform in many productions including movies, opera, feature films, television, music videos, stage productions, and national conferences. Stelio has choreographed several movies, including works for many world class dancers from the Australian Ballet, Chech National Ballet, and members of the National Ballet of Canada. He was a featured dancers in the movie Xanadu starring Gene Kelly and Olivia Newton-John. Stelio starred with Maureen Forrester in the CBC movie production of the opera “The Medium” and was nominated for an Emmy. He has taught on the dance faculty at Ryerson University in Toronto nearly 20 years, and has taught at countless schools and colleges nationwide, and abroad. He with his amazing wife, Eileen Birks co- founded and directed Metro Movement Studios in Toronto for 26 years where they trained countless dancers over the years, many of which went on to very successful careers including numerous winners on the TV show “So You Think You Can Dance Canada”. They live in Nelson, B.C. , co-founded Front Street Dance Studio and he is the lead singer for Baker St. Blues.


About DanceFusion

DanceFusion blends culture and movement to create an expression of joy, presence, discipline, and creative potential. DanceFusion fosters confidence, health, musicality and and community of all ages and backgrounds.

We build technique while developing strength, flexibility, agility, movement presence, performance skills, and passion for all styles of dance. The aim is to build safe and clean technique while having fun. The music is captivating and the teachers engage the students in the process of deciding what kind of kind of choreography to work on.

Acro Dance (Acrobatics)

Acrobatic training teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, and above all, discipline and concentration. With careful, quality instruction, a dancer will gain more flexibility and upper body strength. It is an excellent way to learn spatial awareness, an important element in partnering and ensemble work. Acro dance is safe, challenging, and takes a certain amount of flexibility and agility to perform. Acrobatic movements are taken from gymnastics and can include handstands, flips, handsprings, and cartwheels! It’s important to note, however, that gymnastics by itself does not qualify as dance; it’s only through correctly utilizing the techniques as rhythmic dance moves that gymnastics transforms to acro dance.

Adult DanceFusion

This class will build movement vocabulary as well as dancer's strength, flexibility and grace. We will learn sequences across the floor, as well as do centre work, and learn fun combos to upbeat and inspiring music. There will be a fusion of Contemporary, Urban styles, Afro, Latin, Bhangra and more. Expect to sweat, work in a physical way and also sharpen the right/left brain connections. Open level. Train the body, train the mind!


Slava weaves her experience with Ballet, Jazz, Bollywood, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Folkloric, Afro-House, Flamenco, Urban styles and more into a rich class that explores a variety of movement styles. The classes vary from fluid lyrical movements to athletic leaps and jumps, classical technique, fancy footwork, and intricate hands and arm movements. She aims to create an adventurous dance experience that incorporates “old world folk” with an “urban contemporary” flavor.

Moves and Grooves

An all levels class to learn musicality and rhythm, with a focus on grooving, which is the basis of HipHop. Using games and dance exercises, students will listen to upbeat fun music and learn combinations, floor work, stretch and strengthen and also work on free styling.

Turns and Jumps

Sharpen your skills with Jazz Technique, includes a dance warm up that conditions and stretches you. Then drill across the floor exercises, for example: Pirouettes, Chaines, Piques, Battements, Jettes, Switch Splits, Stag jumps, Attitude Turns and more.


Helps to build a strong base, clean technique and proper alignment, all of which are essential for any kind of dance. This is a foundation for a dancer. Barre exercises, combinations across the floor and Adagio are taught to develop musicality, strength, grace, and precision and focus.

Lyrical Jazz

Lyrical is a fusion of ballet and jazz dance techniques. Lyrical dance challenges choreographers and dancers to use motion to interpret music and express emotion. A lyrical dancer's movements attempt to show the meaning/mood of the music.

Musical Theatre

A fun and energetic class that uses the fundamentals of Jazz dance along with acting and sometimes singing. This class will develop skills through games as well as through dance and acting technique, dancers will learn to express a story through movements. Build confidence; open to a wide variety of ages/abilities as their will be different roles.


The Breakin' class will offer a solid foundation for kids to understand and participate in the cypher culture of b-boying and b-girling. Participants will learn top-rocks, footwork, freezes, strengthen their bodies for power-moves while putting an emphasis on the importance musicality and freestyle within the cypher.


This Hip Hop class is designed to empower dancers by teaching through rhythm and feeling rather than choreography. We will cover some basic footwork and learn how to freestyle with these steps through grooving. Dancers will learn how to transfer their weight and groove with the music in style while leaving room for personal creativity and expression.


A style of dance that combines elements of several genres including ballet, jazz, modern, and urban styles. In terms of the focus of its technique, contemporary dance tends to combine the strong and controlled legwork of ballet with modern dance's stress on the torso, and also employs contact-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation characteristic of modern dance. It is STRONGLY recommended that dancers take a Ballet or Turns & Jumps, as a solid technical foundation will support students to excel in this style.

Creative Dance

A form of dance that provides the potential for personal expression. One of the goals of creative dance is to communicate through movement and the dancer draws on their own inner resources to create and express through their own unique movement. This class also uses traditional exercises to familiarize students with dance vocabulary, musicality and choreography. Students will explore several styles of dance as well including Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop.

HipHop w. Lauren

This Hip Hop class will include a wide variety of urban street styles, like popping, locking, studio and house. This will be fun and challenging for learning to pick up choreo and learn new combos and styles.

Download the pdf of the schedule here
-Studio Alive map for exact location. -The Moving Center, 533a Baker St. - Front Street Dance, 612 Front St.

Course and registration information

Spring Term May 22nd- June 29th.

No classes on Victoria Day Monday May 21st.

Age range is approximate. Email if you have questions!

* Intermediate classes: Email for placement or questions! These classes are for dancers confident with musicality and technique as well as demonstrate strong work ethic. Students are enrolled in several classes a week and have danced several years.

Payment Options

Thanks for registering! Now to confirm and hold your spot, payment must be made. Your spot is not secure until payment has been received. The waiver form must be signed and brought in the first day if you have not done that before. The waiver form can be download here.

Etransfer to Note who it is for and which class. Answer Nelson.
Cheque to Slava Doval, mail to 1209 Falls St Nelson, BC V1L 1J3
Cash- arrange delivery!

DanceFusion Refund Policy

After the first 2 weeks of the term fees are nonrefundable, except in the case of medical reasons. No credit for missed classes. In the case of a refund there will be a $10 administration fee.


Students should wear clean, stretchy clothes to class! NO HAIR IN THE FACE PLEASE! HipHop~clean, non marking indoor shoes please Ballet- ballet slippers are idea. For Acro and Ballet Leotards or form fitting clothing please. Contemporary is barefooted or in socks.

Punctuality is very important, as a form of respect to the teacher, the other students and the form, thank you for your attention to this! Warm up is necessary.

5% off for 2 classes per family
15% off for 3 classes per family
20% off for 4 classes per family

Waiver form

Please download, sign and bring to the studio (or by mail with the payment) our waiver form. Download here

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Slava Doval's Dance Fusion

1209 Falls St.
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V1L 1J3 Canada
P: 250 352 0047

Parking instructions We are so grateful to our small residential neighbourhood for sharing the alleyway with the studio! Please be mindful of our neighbours, and avoid walking on their lawns to save time, and please do not wait in the carport of our direct neighbor as that is their private property! Please no drop off and pick up in front of the studio. It is not safe and causes congestion in the alley way!

Please park on Robson St, Observatory St., or Kootenay St and walk or have your child walk to the studio, it is less than a minute! Google maps does not show the gravel alleyway of Falls that we are on! So do not get confused, there is a one way alley where the red pin is dropped!  PLEASE  do not drive down it though, just WALK or DANCE!


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