Adult/Youth Contemporary 15yrs+ open level

Fabiola shares her passion for Contemporary into a rich class that explores a variety of movement styles. The classes vary from fluid lyrical movements to athletic leaps and jumps, classical technique, and of course level changes. Fabiola aims to create an adventurous dance experience that incorporates a down to earth aesthetic with a contemporary flavour. No prior experience is needed, but the class will be fast paced enough to inspire dancers with more experience as well.
This class is slower paced than her Tuesday class and floorwork will be introduced more slowly, and will not be the focus of class.

Term runs May 29th-June 26thth) $99 +GST

Contemporary Floor/Explore Adult/youth 13yrs+

This class weaves release technique, floorwork, modern dance techniques and more into a rich class that explores a variety of movement styles. The aim is to create an adventurous dance experience.
Fabiola brings her passion, presence and joy to the dance floor every class, sign up for an empowering and inspiring time. There is a mix of levels in this class, so don’t be shy to push your  exploration of dance further. Please note, you will be getting up and down from the floor, feel free to bring knees pads if you like.
This is class will have a good amount of floorwork, and is geared for youth and adults that are comfortable getting low and strong and more fluid with their contemporary technique.

Spring Term runs May 30th-June 27th