Dad’s Dance

A VERY SPECIAL time of the year, Dad’s Dance (or is it Dads Dance? Both work I believe?).
If you are new to the studio, quick explanation: This has become an annual highlight of our April Showcase. The dads do a dance with their lovely children to close the show, it is very very misty, sweet, fun and EPIC! The kids have been over age 9 in the past as it requires a good deal of focus in a crowded room, and mainly the choreography is suited to older kids and teens.
This class is a chance to bond, laugh, and have fun and get freaky. Open to dads ( stepdads, or dad like figures) and their kids. The crowd loves it (still have folks talking about it), the kids are so proud of their dads (stepdads or dad like figures), and new friendships are formed through this rite of passage. Excellent chance to bond in a new way! PS. you do NOT need dance experience!

We are going to do this one FAST and furious again this year.
This is what the commitment to your craft looks like:

Class time= Five Fridays only: March 1st & 8th, then a break for Spring Break, and resume April 5th, 12th, & 19th Time.
6pm-7:30pm @ DanceFusion Studio (April 19th time TBA at Capitol Theatre, but similar timeline).

Dress Rehearsal: Thursday April 25th 6pm at Capitol Theatre.

Showtimes: Friday April 26th 7pm, Saturday 27th 2pm Matinee and 7pm evening show, and Sunday 28th 2pm Matinee.

Costume: TBA

Fun: To be had.

From last year’s participants:

“I coach a lot of her sports but dad dance was the best connection I had with Lilly last year. My daughter was stoked to be able to show me her dance world and it was cool to be able to switch roles with me as the student and her as the coach. Thanks for giving us that.”  – Simon Liddell ( LVR High school teacher)

“Dad’s Dance was one of the coolest, scariest, endearing things I’ve ever done. It was an experience both me and my two stepdaughters will never forget. It brought us closer, made us laugh, and created a story we’ll recall and share for many years to come.” – Mitchell Scott (editor-in-chief of Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine)

Price $80.00+ GST Registration for this will be done thru email in the New year, if you want to be on the list for this, please email Slava directly.

May 1 @ 18:00
6:00 pm — 7:30 pm (1h 30′)

DanceFusion Studio

Slava Doval

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