HipHop Intermediate 16yrs+Weds

This HipHop class will integrate party dances of the 80′s and 90′s to the present day, as well as choreography, across-the-floor moves, dance conditioning and the latest dance moves that make this dance unique. It includes a wide range of styles and will be a funky GOOD TIME.  This class will make you bounce, sweat and feel freaky funky fine.
It is geared for dancers that want to step it up in terms of complexity and will move at a faster pace. It is aimed at those that feel confident with their Hip Hop foundation and want to add some special sauce and speed.

Levels of HipHop at DF:

Beginners- Monday 6:45pm -this class will break down the basics, you’ll still sweat and work hard, but it is an intro class with an emphasis on learning the foundation of this style.

Open Level- Monday 5:45pm- Great class for a variety of levels, we start to add more layers to each foundational coordination. There is room for those with little experience to those with more, we add progressively to keep it fresh for those that have been there a minute.

House Open Level-Weds 7pm- NEW STYLE alert! This is new on the schedule for DF. Pretty much if you love good beats, to move your feet and whole being, and are ready to sweat and get down, this is for YOU!

Intermediate-  Weds 6pm- Geared for dancers that already are confident in their foundation of Hip Hop, and are ready to challenge their confidence with freestyle, and work more complex choreography.

-Tues 7pm- Curtis’ class will have a focus on choreo,  more youth tend to enroll in the class.


If you are between levels…TAKE TWO classes and bump up your confidence with your muscle memory. If you are not sure, send us an email and let’s chat !

There is a discount as well, the more you dance, the more you save 🙂

Bring Clean NON Marking shoes, water and sweat towel 🙂

Term options:

Full Term (Jan. 10th- April 28th)   $270 + GST      (Performance commitment)

This Term (Jan.10th – April.28th) culminates in the 13th Annual DanceFusion Showcase (Dress Rehearsal April 25th, shows April 26th-28th). There will be a costume fee that will need to be paid and strong attendance through the term is required. Attendance at stage rehearsals and showcase is required as well.



May 6 @ 18:00
6:00 pm — 7:00 pm (1h)

DanceFusion Studio

Slava Doval

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