Parent & Tot Dance

We are so excited about this new class! It will be offered in the Autumn of 2024, and if you are keen on getting on the mailing list for this fun class, send an email from the contact page 🙂
Welcome to our new toddler dance class, aimed at dancers ages 2-4 years (approximately).  Join us for a joyful exploration of movement and music, where little ones and parents connect through dance. This class will provide the potential for personal expression, as well as coordination development. One of the goals is to communicate through movement using imagery and games to have fun while skill-building for future development.

In this interactive session, children take their first steps in a supportive group setting, fostering social skills and creating magical moments that extend beyond the dance floor.

Let’s twirl, hop and giggle our way into the wonderous world of dance together.

Please remember to also fill out the Google Registration Form which is separate from the online order. If you do not receive an invoice/receipt in your inbox, check your spam right away!  The link to the form will be in your email or can be found at the top of the Schedule Page or Info page on this site.


May 2 @ 10:30
10:30 am — 11:15 am (45′)

DanceFusion Studio

Ava Jinjoe

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