Not-so-Classical Ballet 13yrs+

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Welcome to our Ballet Fusion Class—an untraditional and liberating take on traditional ballet! This class is designed to infuse the grace of ballet with a sense of freedom and fun. While we honour the essential techniques, we break away from the conventional by incorporating a diverse range of music, ensuring that classical compositions share the stage with an eclectic mix. Join us in this innovative ballet experience where joy, fluidity, and the thrill of movement take centre stage, creating a class that celebrates the beauty of ballet without being bound by tradition.  Students will develop technique through barre, centre work and across-the-floor exercises. Working on honing in on musicality, precision and focus while fostering the grace and strength this form has to offer.    Ballet is a rich and varied form, and Ava will offer a class that will integrate healthy alignment, challenge muscle memory, and develop musicality. Get strong, flexible and graceful. This class is open to a variety of levels. This will be a dance technique class, to hone your skills, not performance-based at this point in time.


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The dates for this class are Jan 6th-March 9th, 2024.

May 2 @ 16:00
4:00 pm — 5:00 pm (1h)

Dance Fusion Studio

Ava Jinjoe

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