Contemporary Inter/adv.

This class weaves release technique, floorwork, modern dance techniques and more into a rich class that explores a variety of movement styles. The classes vary from fluid lyrical movements to athletic leaps and jumps, street style, fancy footwork, and intricate hand and arm movements. The aim is to create an adventurous dance experience that incorporates a down to earth aesthetic with a contemporary outlook.  Class is fast paced, athletic and will include conditioning for enhanced floorwork. It is designed for experienced movers looking for a more complex and challenging class physically and mentally.
For Dancers that want to try a drop-in, please email for details.
Term runs May 31st- June 28th

Price $108 +GST

May 6 @ 13:30
1:30 pm — 2:45 pm (1h 15′)

DanceFusion Studio

Slava Doval

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