Acro-Dance Intermediate (11-13yrs)

Acrobatic training teaches flexibility, balance, strength, discipline, and concentration. A dancer will gain more flexibility and body strength. Acrobatic movements can include handstands, hand balances, somersaults, headstands, elbow stands, walkover variations, cartwheel variations and more!
This class is an intermediate class and students will be given variations for their experience to work safely where they are at.

The base skills for this level are to be able to go from standing down to a bridge, bridge with retirè leg, solid cartwheel with legs straight, Handstand with good form, forward roll, hold V/plank sit for 25 sec.

Intermediate level dancers must be enrolled in 2 + classes a week,
some exceptions will be made depending on dance experience.

Email if you have questions about the appropriate level.
DanceFusion is an Acrobatic Arts Certified Studio.

This Term is longer than the fall one, and runs Jan.9th until April 30th and culminates in the 12th Annual DanceFusion Showcase (Dress Rehearsal April 27th, shows April 28th-30th). There will be a costume fee that will need to be paid and strong attendance through the term is required. Attendance at stage rehearsals and showcase is required as well.

Term runs Jan.9th-April 30th

Price $255 +GST